Step 9: Enter Your Ministry Experience

Ministry name:   We recognize that your ministry might span the course of several more than one church home. So, what this section will tell the committee is the History of you as an usher, or as a choir member or as a preacher.

Your role in the ministry:  You might have been a member in this ministry at the various churches you might have attended, or you might have been an officer. Help the selection committee understand your involvement in this particular ministry.         

Approximate start:  The start date and end date questions are to help the selection committee understand the length of time you served in this ministry. So, an exact date of start is not necessary in most cases a year is more than sufficient.

End (or current):  Refer to the start date information discussion.

Your responsibilities contribution and responsibilities:  What was your level of participation in this ministry. Help the search committee understand your contributions to the ministry because this will be an indication of what you will also be able to contribute as a pastor.   

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