Step 11: Enter Your Character References

Here we will need for you to supply us with three references. We simply need their names, email address, and a telephone number.

Allow us to explain how the reference process will work.  We ask your references to do two things: first time ask him to answer please questionnaire about the relationship with you and secondly we asked them to meet with the Selection Committee conference call. 

Although we are collecting your reference information now, your references will not be contacted by us until you submit the application for your first position. At that time each of your references will be contacted and asked answer a brief questionnaire about their relationship with you.  

However, the information you are submitting to us now, their name, telephone number, email address, and their questionnaire responses will not be released for the Search Committee’s use until your Application has progressed to stage 3 in their search. We take every precaution to not unnecessarily burden your references who are generously providing assistance to you and for our process.

Please share this process with each reference so they are prepared in advance for what will happen.

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