A major component of P4BC is that we utilize video introductions. This is the Video Upload Center.  A video introduction is, in the case of a pastoral candidate, an introduction of yourself on video that last no longer than 10 minutes or uses no longer than 10 minutes of recording time (in the case of a direct recording).

In your Video Introduction, you recognize and remember that your audience will be members of a pastoral screening committee and also various members of the church for which you are applying to pastor. This presents a good opportunity for them too gain an better understanding of your personality beyond what they can see on a resume and cover letter.

The Video Introduction also presents an opportunity to acquaint the viewers with your family. Of course, it is entirely up to you and your family, whether they will speak or not.  You have to determine how you will use your 10 minutes.

You will notice that you have the choice of either recording your video directly into the system or uploading a video that you have previously recorded. Our suggestion would be to use the latter. Obviously, if you record a video on your phone and determine that you don't like it,  there is nothing stopping you from recording it again and again until you are happy.  However, the challenge of recording a live video is very apparent.  Although you are able to re-record you will utilize a substantial amount of your allotted time.

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