Pastoral Candidates To Black Churches Seeking A Pastor

"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."
Jeremiah 3:15

why work with us?

We're Building a Database of THOUSANDS of Candidates Who Are Actively Seeking A Black Church To Pastor

Bringing Order to the Pastoral Search Process

P4BC incorporates the biblical principles and guidance established in 1 Samuel 16 when the Prophet Samuel was sent to the house of Jesse to find a new king.  We know that God had already chosen David, an unlikely candidate who God would later describe, as a man after His own heart. Our process is designed to allow God's process to become your pastoral search process of revealing the candidate of God's heart.

Bringing Structure to the Pastoral Search Process

No church should ever have to develop an expertise in the art and process of the pastoral search.  Once or twice in a lifetime should be quite enough for any church. However, that means that whenever it is necessary, the church will always have to start from from an unfamiliar beginning.  We present our users with the structure they need.  They don't have to develop a process.  ...just  prepare for what's next.

Bringing Efficiency to the Pastoral Search Process

There are literally hundreds of pastoral candidates who would love to have the opportunity to be a church's next pastor. But God has ALREADY selected just one.  A Search Committee's job is to discover and uncover who that person is.  With our process, candidates submit ONE Universal Application and churches have a system to help them hear God's voice quickly, easily and without unnecessary delay.

Helping To Fulfill "The Mission"

And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Ephesians 4:11.


P4BC is where pastoral candidates can be included in a comprehensive database and where they can be introduced to black churches that are seeking a pastor.  When a church that lists its pastoral vacancy with us is located in the same state as the candidates that are also in that state, that listing will be IMMEDIATELY be displayed on the candidate's dashboard as a recent vacancy.  However, the candidate also has the ability to perform a nationwide search for pastoral vacancies.  


Although a church's Pastoral Search Committee has the option of using one of our setup specialists, it can very easily establish a listing on P4BC leisure without any cost.  We ask the Committee to take it's time to allow this to be a spiritual process on God's terms instead of a process that "seemeth right unto a man". After all the planning and preparation, when the the committee Administrator set inputs all the information and our team sets your listing to "live", the vacancy listing will be visible to our database of candidates across the country who are seeking a church to pastor.  At that point they will only incur a very affordable flat fee of $55 per month.


Because this search process is centered around a relationships between God, His sheep and an undersheperd that He is sending. We believe that every attempt should be made to establish a meaningful relationship, as early as possible.  It is essential that both the church and the eventual candidate hear from God.  So, we REQUIRE an "Introduction Video" from every candidate and from every committee.  Both parties will introduce themselves in their own way in a short 5 - 10 minute video that can be recorded on a phone or pre-recorded and uploaded.  We review every video before releasing the video content to be live and available for public viewing.


Pastoral vacancies are searchable by pastoral candidates on P4BC, but candidates are NOT searchable by churches.  No one will know that any candidate has a profile on Pastors For Black Churches unless and until the candidate applies for a position.  This is actually a byproduct of the process that God set in place.  In 1 Samuel 16, Samuel went to one place.  The sons of Jesse came to the one place where Jesse was.  In our case, the Committees come to P4BC and it is the candidates that will come the committee and not the committee to the candidate.  No one else will know who is a candidate to be the next pastor of a church or what candidates are looking for a church to pastor.


Learn of the biblical principles that support this Pastor Search Process

Learn how P4BC is based on biblical principles and why a pastoral search process should actually be considered to be "God's revelation process"