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Rev. John W. Woodall, Jr.

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Why Every Pastoral Candidate Should Submit A Profile on Pastors For Black Churches:

We Provide You With A State-By-State Pastoral Vacancy Search At A Glance:

One of the biggest frustrations of a candidate's search for a church to pastor is locating black churches with a vacancy. Likewise, there has not been a very good resource to provide timely and reliable information.  Not only have we provided such a resource, but we have also made it available at you fingertips.

You Want To Know More About A Church Than Their Name and Address:

Most of the time the most that candidates learn about black churches is its name and address.  As a result, we allow you to know more about the place where you are applying to pledge your loyalty and commitment.  It is better to know about the soul of the church body early than to find out later and feel unfulfilled.

Maintaining Your Confidentiality and Privacy Are of the Utmost Importance:

It is important to candidates currently working in a ministry to maintain privacy about searching for a position elsewhere.  Therefore, our process does not allow churches to search for candidates.  The only way for anyone to discover you from our site is through your application to fill their vacancy.  

Submit ONE Application And Then Let Us Present You Professionally:

Your Profile will gives us everything needed to create your resume,  cover letter and other supporting materials. That's how we present you in a very professional manner for which you can be proud.  Therefore, our profile is UNIVERSAL, you simply create it one time and use it for any black church listing with a pastoral vacancy.

List of Steps

Step 1:  Download the Guided Workbook

We have created a Guided Workbook that will walk you through everything you will be asked as you complete your Profile. It is important to us that we maintain the model presented in 1 Samuel 16 .  Thusly, maintaining a true biblically-based process.  The idea is for you to be free to deliberate and pray over well-planned responses to every question. We want to expedite your setup by allowing you to gather and prepare everything you will need to complete the data entry. We believe that being able to see everything in advance will helps to reduce the anxiety of completing the forms online.

Step 2:  Input Your Responses, Videos and Documents Into Your Universal Profile

Now you simply take the responses that you wrote out in step one and type and upload in the appropriate areas.  Thus, our process becomes very user-friendly.

Step 3:  Search For Churches Looking For A Pastor

You can search for pastoral vacancies by state or denomination on our search page or on your personal dashboard after you log in. Therefore, by default, your dashboard will show the most relevant pastoral vacancies in your state.

Step 4:  Wait On The Lord

The rest of this process is about communication between you, the various churches and the Lord, Himself. We are certainly praying to God to bless your ministry.  Furthermore, while you are waiting, we suggest that you increase your understanding of this process by seeing how it works from the perspective of a church.  So, to learn more about that click HERE.

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