Step 7: Enter Your Educational Information

Education Input Screen

Updating Education

School Name:  Enter full name of the school, college, or trade school you attended.  High School information are required fields. However, if you did not attend high school, then simply enter the words “Not Applicable “.  You are not required to enter “Not Applicable” for any College fields.

School City:  here you will enter the city in which you attended classes. If you attended classes online enter-the city we are at the school is physically located.  

School State: similarly here you will enter the state where you attended classes. Likewise, if you attended classes online enter the state where the school is physically located

Did you graduate?:  this question is simply asking if you completed the course of study at this institution. We realize that some may have started and have not completed the course of study and others may still be working on the completion of their degree

College Major:  please enter your major area of study. If you have more than one, please enter them both.

College Degree: please into your degree. We would prefer that you would write out the degree as opposed to simply applying the initials abbreviation. For example rather than indicating that you have a BA degree, we would prefer that you write out that you earn a Bachelors of Art.      

Years Completed:  This question is seeking to know the number of years you completed in the program of study that you might be in or how many years you attended before you graduated or stopped attending.

 Last year attended:  This question will allow the reader to know if you attended recently or some time ago.  This would be the year you attended last or the year that you graduated.  If you are currently attending enter “Present”

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