Step 5: Foundational Introductory Information

Church Name:  This should be the FULL formal name of the church

Denomination: Select your church denomination from the dropdown list.  If your church denomination is not on this list, select “Other” and we will contact you so that we can add your denomination to the list.  The current list includes the following denominations:

Baptist (American)
Baptist (Missionary)
Baptist (Southern)
The African Methodist Episcopal Church
The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
The Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
The Church of God In Christ
United Methodist Church

Street Address: Add the physical address where the church is located.  Please do not give us a P.O. Boxes or a member’s addresses (unless the church is located at the member’s house).

City: Where the church is located 

State: Where the church is located 

Membership Size: 

Under 25
Between 25 and 50
Between 51 and 100
Between 101 and 250
Between 251 and 500
Between 501 and 1,000
Between 1,001 and 3,000
Over 3,000

Year Founded:  Please indicate the year that your church was founded.

Website: If your church has a website, please give us the website address (e.g., MyChurch.org).  If you do not have a website it is fine to leave this question unanswered.

Profile Image:  Profile images are required for all accounts on P4BC. In the case of the church, we would recommend that the profile image should be a church logo or clear photo of the church building (inside or outside).

About Our Church:  This information will be on the initial church information page that every candidate will see.  As you write this section, the spotlight should be on “the church”, not “the position”.  Help the candidates know who you are.  In later sections we will have you spell out the position and your expectation is great detail.  But for this section help them understand why your church is special.

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