Pricing Plans




For a limited time, on a state-by-state basis, monthly fees are waived forever for any candidate completing a profile.  Your profile must be complete before we lift the waiver in your state at which time the monthly fee will be $9.99 per month  

What's included

  • State vacancies on your desktop
  • National search at your fingertips
  • Submit your application with 1 click
  • Professional resume and cover letter
  • Stay organized and in-touch

Why Is This A Paid Service For Candidates?

...Because This a Premium Web Application Intended ONLY For Truly Committed Users.

Churches have to be able to trust what you receive.  ...And we're committed to being trustworthy.

Pastors For Black Churches is only for churches and candidates who are committed and active users. Candidates don't have time to look at churches that are not committed to finding a pastor.  And churches don't want to be inundated with fake applicants and casual shoppers.  Our fee is small but it discourages inactivity.

Introducing pastoral candidates to black churches seeking a pastor is serious work, so this site is only for committed users.  We have worked very hard to present you with a tool of unmatched quality.  Therefore, we don't feel it is asking too much to require quality a commitment from our users.

We personally view, review and approve every listing and profile before they go public.  Ensuring this kind of quality is time-consuming and expensive, so we ask our users to help use maintain a quality service.