The  "Grapevine" Shouldn't Be Where Pastoral Vacancies Go to Be Filled

"Heard It Through the Grapevine" was a great song.  But It shouldn't be the theme song for the current difficult process used by pastoral candidates and black churches seeking a pastor to find each other.  However, until now, there had never been a such a strong and viable instrument as ours to facilitate a meaningful and comprehensive introduction. We have used God's model for selecting a leader found in 1 Samuel 16 as our blueprints and now we're changing the game with God's plan, in mind. We're co-laboring with Him to Reveal God's Choice, God's Way.

Learn Much More About "The Process" in Our Free Online Study Course

The pastoral search is NOT an employment process.  It is a spiritual journey and needs to be treated as such.  In order to get God's result, you're really need to do it God's way.  So, we created this online study course to teach "the process" for candidates to understand and for churches use.  Please enjoy and learn.

The Course Helps Candidate Understand "The Process" and It Helps Search Committee Learn How to Use It.

Here are just a few things you'll learn...

  • Why the job filling tools of the business world must be used differently by the committee. 
  • How do we do this work since the bible doesn't give explicit instructions?
  • Why the Search Process should be considered a "Worship Experience".
  • How to ensure that your committee does not "encroach" on God's work.
  • How the Search Committee partners with God to accomplish this work.
  • Learn the essential missing element in most Search Committee's process.
  • ...And much, much more.